By Sébastien Boisgérault, MINES ParisTech

November 8, 2017


A mix of mechanical engineering and control theory.

Presentations & Lecture Notes

Slides for some MAREVA1 courses.

On Wheels

The only wheels considered in the document Elements of Lagrangian Mechanics - Applications to Mobile Robotics are either fixed or orientable with a swivel axis that goes through the wheel center. Why? Because these wheels add kinematics constraints to the mobile robot and restrict its possible trajectories.

It is sometimes necessary to use wheels that do not have this unfortunate effect; this is for example mandatory to design omnidirectional robots. Two example categories are caster wheels and swedish (or Mecanum) wheels:

Swedish Wheels

Control Theory

Some ISIA2 courses (in French).

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  1. MAREVA is the Applied Mathematics Minor of MINES ParisTech “Master’s in Science and Executive Engineering” degree.

  2. ISIA was a post-graduate education program of MINES ParisTech dedicated to control theory and computer science.